Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This morning.

This morning, I was walking to work in the rain, against the crowds on Eddy Avenue. I was about to pass two well-dressed middle-aged women, who had also neglected to bring an umbrella. One looked at me, then said to her companion:

"See, prettyboy doesn't need an umbrella."

I felt flattered because she implied I was tough, then offended because she called me 'prettyboy', then flattered because she implied I was pretty.


  1. hells yeah. i always say 'its better to be a boy that looks like a girl than a girl who looks like a boy'. why is that..

  2. Ha! That's Awesome. True story, Virgo's comment is right. From what I've seen, girls are attracted to pretty boys, but boys are not really attracted to manish girls.