Tuesday, September 28, 2010


While delaying getting out of bed this morning to have breakfast and look for a house, I decided to Google myself. Found some interesting results.

1. The King of Siam had one just like her only with Gold fittings. She was reserved for Louis Egan and guests of the lodge.

2. In 1867, Father Constantine Louis Egan built the large red brick building that would serve primarily as a Dominican novitiate and seminary.

3. Louis Egan Rats mob may have been involved. - Fateful Rendezvous: The Life of Butch O'Hare (Steve Ewing, John B. Lundstrom.)

4. Louis Egan is a rather weak Link, low on charm, high on mumbled lines.

5. This three piece lineup featuring Louis Egan, Rob Patrice and Marty Bouma play a raw and fresh, yet classic brand of new and old music. (Unfortunately, this one is the only one that is actually about me, though the previous one is scarily accurate.)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Leaving tomorrow.

I fly off to Europe tomorrow, with a new haircut and most of my possessions, and I don't plan on coming back for a while. I'll be living in my sister's toolshed for a while in Puglia, then I relocate to Spain, probably to live in someone else's toolshed. I'm a little bit afraid, mainly of having my jet-lagged, mule-packed self robbed blind in Rome, but the fear is all part of the adventure, and as Crazy Joe Divola says, "Fear is our most primal emotion." (The Opera, Season 4.)

I'll miss Sydney, she's been alright to me.

I partied a lot, because I can't stop partying feat. Chamillionaire.

I worked 5000 jobs, 9 to 5, because I looove temping.

But most importantly, I made lots of new friends.

I'd like to give a special thank you to the A.T.O. for giving me this opportunity.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This morning.

This morning, I was walking to work in the rain, against the crowds on Eddy Avenue. I was about to pass two well-dressed middle-aged women, who had also neglected to bring an umbrella. One looked at me, then said to her companion:

"See, prettyboy doesn't need an umbrella."

I felt flattered because she implied I was tough, then offended because she called me 'prettyboy', then flattered because she implied I was pretty.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

rest in peace girl, your death was such a shame

good week. worked mostly and it was really hard, i spilt someone's coffee on my new cardigan and burnt my leg but my boss just laughed at me anyway hahaha. i have NO IDEA what i'm going to wear to ghostface which is less than a month away and i'm SO EXCITED!!!! i'm going with hugh and elle haha she's a funny girl. hugh always makes fun of me for liking gil scott heron but it's okay because he said he's gonna buy me the seinfeld box set.

ive been saving so much money because i havent been going out at all, funny hey. mainly because my phonme ran out of credit and i can't call the people i know the numbers of. otherwise i totally would have gone out but probably shouldnt because im saving for ghostface and and the flyest pair of dunks and would probably run into a certain chai cino with half a teaspoon of honey and it would be so awkward. arrrrrrrgh it makes me so angry when i think about how he snubbed me.

i had a dream last night it was so weird. a girl i met once got me drunk and resculpted my face and i was so angry. it was heaps trippy.

anyway i'm going to go watch sixty minutes and eat gingernut biscuits.

bye lurkerz.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Giant Steps

Fifty years ago today, Tommy Flanagan, Paul Chambers, Art Taylor and John Coltrane recorded 'Giant Steps'. You can read about it on Jeffrey Spiegel's blog, Straight No Chaser.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jack Simmons.

I had Jack Simmons (yes, THE Jack Simmons) fit me for a vest today.

Louis: I'd probably be after a small.
Jack: Alright. (Looks shelf up and down, then looks me up and down.) Jesus, you're a slightly built gentleman aren't you!
Louis: Umm...yes. A bit...on the skinny side, I suppose.
Jack: Bloody oath you are!

Menswear is tougher than it looks, kid.

On another note, Angels and Demons comes out this week, and those who know me will know that I have a soft spot for outrageous plotlines that revolve around conspiracy theories and ancient brotherhoods. Now I just have to find someone to go with me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A small selection of treasured cards.

This was an angel sent by Paris to watch over me during my HSC exams. Her name is Coco. I didn't do so well in the exams, but I got through them without any physical injuries.

A birthday card from Phoebe. Best one I ever got. Inside was a lovely lil' poem, too.

This a Valentine's day card with a cat on it.

Mondo is pretty good.

Thank you, Pete.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

PAARRTYING (way too hard) Part One.

Kitten at No.33.

Some months ago, Amy, Pete and I found a lost kitten trapped in a drain. Despite her real name being Missy, we ironically named her Houdini, after her poor escaping abilities. Manny wasn't as happy with her presence as we were, and made a point of letting us know. One night with Houdini in the house was all the excitement that we could bear, and we promptly returned her to her grateful keepers across the street.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dave King (The Bad Plus) on Phil Collins.

A hilarious interview between Ethan Iverson and Dave King on DO THE MATH.

Louis' social interaction for the week: Bobby

I was returning some videos to Video Ezy, when Bobby jumps out at me, wearing a trucker hat with the brim turned upwards, brandishing the dvd case of 'Death Race', yelling "Have you seen Death Race?!"

Retaining my calm demeanour I said, "Death Race? No, I haven't seen Death Race." and I left.

That'll learn 'im.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ellington, D. (1931)

The thing; whether it be simply a piece of music, or any activity of importance, with music being a metaphor for said activity, is of no real significance, if its rhythm, literal or otherwise, does not have the relentless forward motion or the historical and sociological significance of the feel decribed as 'swing'.