Sunday, May 31, 2009

rest in peace girl, your death was such a shame

good week. worked mostly and it was really hard, i spilt someone's coffee on my new cardigan and burnt my leg but my boss just laughed at me anyway hahaha. i have NO IDEA what i'm going to wear to ghostface which is less than a month away and i'm SO EXCITED!!!! i'm going with hugh and elle haha she's a funny girl. hugh always makes fun of me for liking gil scott heron but it's okay because he said he's gonna buy me the seinfeld box set.

ive been saving so much money because i havent been going out at all, funny hey. mainly because my phonme ran out of credit and i can't call the people i know the numbers of. otherwise i totally would have gone out but probably shouldnt because im saving for ghostface and and the flyest pair of dunks and would probably run into a certain chai cino with half a teaspoon of honey and it would be so awkward. arrrrrrrgh it makes me so angry when i think about how he snubbed me.

i had a dream last night it was so weird. a girl i met once got me drunk and resculpted my face and i was so angry. it was heaps trippy.

anyway i'm going to go watch sixty minutes and eat gingernut biscuits.

bye lurkerz.