Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I took some pictures in the canal one day (with some CRAZY setting on the camera that I wasn't completely aware of). Almost none turned out, but I have four here that did to some extent.

That silhouette is Amy. Just after the photo, we heard some voices:
Amy: Oh no, people are coming.
Louis: They're probably just some 12 year olds on their razor scooters.
Amy: I'm scared, Louis! Let's go.

And so we left the peaceful canals, followed by the 12 year olds on their razor scooters.


  1. Most of all I appreciate the tags.

  2. And any inclusion of razor scooters is great. I still have Megan's at my house in Coffs from when I dared her to ride it to my house, in say, about 2004...